Which airport do I fly to?

Alicante is about 1hr 5 mins by car, Valencia is about 1hr25, both an easy drive mostly on motorway, both to junction 63 of the A7.

Do I have to hire a car?

Yes. There are links to all the usual firms on our website or use costablancatransfers.com who will meet you in person and take you to your car, they provide our guests with baby seats free of charge and make sure they are fitted to the car. Queuing for your car and fitting the seat is the part of the journey that can get tricky, if cheap car hire pops up on line, handle with care.

What time is check in and check out?

Ideally you arrive around 2pm for a late lunch or by 6pm in time for children's tea, but outside of that isn't a problem (although the room might not be ready if you are arrive before noon) Late night arrivals are fine too. On the way out, we take bed linen and rubbish out of your room around 10 but you are welcome to stay longer if you want to.

What baby equipment to I need to bring?

Bring two sleep bags if that is how your baby sleeps (teddy, blanky etc) plus whatever you would normally bring for a journey in your hand luggage, (nappies, an emergency change of clothes, snacks and a bottle, beaker, spoon, bib) but once you arrive all you really need are your babies bottles, bring a few more than you think you need to avoid sterlising panics. If you need anything else that you don't have, just come and ask...

What is provided for the baby?

Every room has a cot with bedding, changing mat, high chair, plastic kids tableware and cutlery, toys and books. For younger babies we have baby gyms, various styles of bouncy chairs, and masses of rattles.

What don't we have?

We don't have those swings that hang from the ceiling and bounce, and we don't have the bouncers on wheels that scoot about. Also we don't have a bumbo.

What about baths vs showers?

Only the Santa Maria apartment has a bath in the bathroom, everyone else has a shower with a big oversized washing up tub which is what we use as baby baths, they make good paddling pools too. If the weather is fine the babies can have their evening baths outside, most love their tubs, although we do have one traditional style baby bath if anyone prefers and also one of those toweling baby deckchair style supports for newborns in the bath. We also have bathrobes or hooded baby towels.

What can I buy locally for my baby?

Nappies, commercial baby food, fruit purees and formula are all available locally but is more expensive than you will be used to. Readymade formula is less easy to come by and the brands are different. Fresh fruit and veggies are plentiful and we have blenders if you really want to cook for baby yourself.

What about allergies and fussy eating?

We provide plenty of choice for the children at mealtimes and can knock up something special for emergencies.. allergic/coeliac/fussy kids are all in a days work for our kitchen. And adults too!

What about other stuff that is provided?

Bathrobes, beach towels, also nail varnish remover, cotton wool pads and buds, plasters, a pack of cards and a pack of bananagram (like scrabble). some rooms have hairdryers, not everyone but just borrow from next door rather than bringing more..

A note about electricity... we run the house on solar power whenever possible, which means we don't have things like microwaves, electric toasters and kettles, or air con. We have hob top kettles and little planchas for toast, they look like corrugated frying pans and work brilliantly. Most rooms have fans but honestly most people just use them for entertaining babies, up here in the hills the evening breeze is usually cool enough.

What is provided in the kitchen?

Bearing in mind the above, there aren't dishwashers or microwaves, just a fridge and a hob and a few tools for knocking up a snack, and a cork screw! If you want something more, come and ask.

What about welcome pack and groceries?

In a basket when you will arrive you will find tea coffee sugar jam bread Weetabix bananas and bottled water. In the fridge will be butter, kids yogurt, OJ and both full and semi milk. If you need soya milk we can provide that. Other bits and bobs we usually have in stock, or we can get a few things in for you, or you can venture down to the shops and get yourselves settled in.. the supermarket is 10 mins away and closes at 9pm, but doesn't open on a Sunday except in summer.

Is the water safe to drink?

Our water supply does not come from the mains so it isn't treated the way it would be if it was certified for drinking.. so we clean our teeth and make tea and wash lettuce with it, but recommend drinking bottled water if you want to drink it by the glass. Bottled water is available in the bar, and of course in all the shops. The water we provide at the house is fine for making up formula for baby (even if your health visitor says only use Volvic)

What about sterilising?

We use cold water and Milton tablets rather than electric steam sterlisers, or just boil your teats and wash your bottles, or if baby is on the move then just stop sterlising a few weeks before your hols.

What about booze?

There is an honesty bar by the pool, just have a page in the book for your family and we add it up at the end of the week.. prices are honest too! Drinks with meals are all included in the price of that meal, including vino and beers at kids tea time.

What other extras might we be in for?

We have a visiting therapist for massages and manicures, once we know which day she is coming we put a timetable on the blackboard by the back door and everyone signs up for their slot, any treatments are added to your bill.

Also if you need laundry done in the week, use the white bucket you find in your wardrobe and leave it in the garage (near the steps by the ping pong table) We don't let you load it up yourself just because of power and water issues, and as such charge 10 Euros a load.

Also if you want any child care or babysitting, this costs 10 Euros an hour if the baby is asleep, or 15 Euros an hour for daycare or if the baby is awake . Give us a bit of warning so we can arrange the most suitable staff.

Does our holiday have to be Saturday to Saturday?

Yes, if you want a few extra days consider staying in our airstream trailer, a few nights in Valencia or Alicante or we can recommend a local hotel.

What if I have to cancel?

We will do our best to rebook your room and return your deposit. In the case of last minute cancellation due to a sick child unable to travel or work commitments for example, and/or when we are unable to rebook, we keep the deposit, you pay the balance, we send you a cancellation invoice and you claim on your insurance for your accommodation and flights.

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